International Students in Parliament

Questions in the House of Commons

1 November 2017 – Question on Higher Education Exports & Overseas Students from Bill Esterson MP

16 October 2017 – Question on post-Brexit trade deal & Indian students from Sir Vince Cable MP

16 October 2017 – Question on international student numbers from Chris Law MP

16 October 2017 – Question on international student over stayers from Jo Stevens MP

6 September 2017 – Question on prospective international students from Andrew Rosindell MP

18 July 2017 – Question on overseas students’ fees & loan repayments from Jim Fitzpatrick MP

13 July 2017 – Question on 2017 overseas student numbers from Keith Vaz MP

10 July 2017 – Question on international students and official migration statistics from Catherine West MP

3 July 2017 – Question on EU Students from Shadow Immigration Minister, Afzal Khan MP

4 November 2016 – Question on overseas students from Jim Cunningham MP

Questions in the House of Lords

22 August 2017 – Question on the Open University’s restricted countries list for applications from Baroness Hooper

3 November 2016 – Question on A-levels in Creative Subjects from Baroness Brinton

3 November 2016 – Motion moved my Lord Soley – Brexit: Impact on Universities and Scientific Research




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