APPG Supporter Status

Due to the extraordinary offers of support for the APPG from Universities, Colleges, Schools and other supporters of international students we have created a special status within the APPG for those who wish to register as ‘Supporters’.

Supporters can be organisations with a strong interest in international students, who support the aims and objectives of the APPG and wish to support future work done by the group. As membership of the APPG for International Students can only be held by MPs or Peers, Supporter status allows those organisations an opportunity to fully engage with the APPG through meetings, events, and briefings.

Supporters will receive:

  • All APPG for International Students newsletters, reports and briefings
  • Invitations to APPG events (where appropriate and subject to room capacity)
  • Recognition of their Supporter Status at APPG events and on the APPG website.

Supporters [1] will contribute:

  • £250 per organisation (charity)
  • £350 per organisation (other)

This funding will go directly into APPG activities and to support the growth of what the APPG can offer to Members and Supporters.

Independent Higher Education (IHE) currently funds the APPG and provides the secretariat as part of their Exporting Education UK (ExEdUK). ExEdUK members continue to support the APPG through their membership fees at the same level as Supporters above and will be afforded the same status. ExEdUK membership costs £500 per annum – to find out more, click here.



[1] Supporter status with the APPG for International Students is not membership and does not entitle the supporter to influence the work of the APPG, vote in APPG meetings or become an officer of the group, as this activity is reserved for MPs and Peers. All Supporters must agree to be listed on the APPG for International Students Website and by request from the APPG Registrar or a member of the public. All-Party Parliamentary Groups are informal groups of Members of both Houses with a common interest in particular issues.